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Examples of a Makeup Look:
- makeup before/after
- selfie wearing BB makeup
- makeup swatch

 Examples of a Skin Journey Story:
- radiant rebel interview
- skin before/after
- radiant rebel profile (all about you)
- your skincare routine
- etc

What did your skin care journey look like before finding Batty's Bath?

What were the most frustrating things about dealing with your skin before you found Batty's Bath?

What was it about Batty's Bath that really spoke to you and gave you the confidence to try Batty's Bath products?

What results have you experienced since using Batty's Bath products or following Batty's advice?

What were the first Batty's Bath products you tried?

Have you switched to other Batty's Bath products since the first round of products you tried? If so, what products are you using now?

Also, if you recall, how long did you use that first round of products for?
And how long have you been using the current Batty's Bath products in your routine?
What does your skin care routine look like now?

For example:
What products are you using?
When are you using them (AM / PM / Weekly)?
Do you have any product tips or tricks that you've discovered and would like to share?

For example:
Have you found a way to apply your products in a way that is working best for you?
Have you found an order of applying products that is totally helping?
Have you found that using certain products together makes your skin super happy?
Awesome! Please share:

Anything you'd like to tell folks who haven't tried Batty's Bath yet?

Why is natural skincare important to you?

What do you hope for your skin care journey in the future?

If you could describe yourself with 3 - 5 words or phrases what would they be?

Feel free to include your occupation (eg "Teacher"), a hobby you enjoy (eg "Dog Walker"), or any other words you feel encompass who you are and what you're all about.

Batty's 3 - 5 words/phrases would be:
1) Natural skincare counselor 
2) Small biz owner
3) Dog rescuing rebel rouser 
4) Nature obsessed hippy
5) Sensitive introvert
What does being a Radiant Rebel mean to you?

What does natural radiance mean to you?
What makes you a rebel?

What do you love about being in a tribe of radiant rebels

Do you have pictures to share?

For example: 
- a before picture
- an after picture
- a picture of you with your fav Batty's Bath product
- a picture with you and your fur baby (we share these weekly during our #barkatbatty segement on instagram!)
- a picture of your smiling, radiant rebel face
Time to share your first picture!

Do you have another picture to share?

Time to share another picture!

Do you have another picture to share?

Time to share another picture!

Anything else you'd like to say?

What issues were you having with makeup before you found the Batty's Bath makeup product to replace it?

What was it about Batty's Bath that really spoke to you and gave you the confidence to try Batty's Bath products?

Which Batty's Bath makeup items are you currently using?

If you'll be submitting a picture of a makeup look, please let us know which Batty's Bath products you used in the picture.
Do you have any Batty's Bath makeup tips or tricks you'd like to share?

If so, please share them :)
Do you also use Batty's Bath skin care products?

Awesome! Which ones?

Why is using natural products important to you?

Thanks Radiant Rebel!

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As always, love deeply & scrub gently.
Love, Batty.
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